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Civil Engineering
 Collins Engineering is a full service civil engineering and consulting firm specializing in land development. From the planning stages to construction, we create the strategies that transform empty lots and crowded urban landscapes into useful assets to the community. 

Erosion and Sediment Control
 CE’s erosion and sediment control plans protect the environment and surrounding areas from the byproducts of development and construction activities. Our plans efficiently and effectively protect the area’s watershed from pollution by stopping sediment and runoff before the leave the construction site. 
Neighborhood Design
 CE plans neighborhoods that are pedestrian-oriented with walkable streets and paths; are accessible to existing streets and transportation; and provide parks, open spaces, and buildings on a human scale. Our mixed-use building designs respect the ecology and terrain of the property as well as the people who will call it home. 
Construction Management
 Some engineers just do plans and pass the management over to the developer. At Collins Engineering, we serve as a mediation, handling all aspects of your project as we oversee the contractor and the design of the project. We ensure the project is being done correctly by monitoring the project’s progress, make sure that it is according to agency requirements, as well as within the established schedule and budget.  Our duties include managing project meetings, contracts, change order reviews, scheduling, and review of construction activity. Should conflicts occur, we work with contractors to resolve and amend them quickly. We have regular project meetings that take place throughout the project, so we can consistently report back to the owner and keep everyone involved fully appraised of the situation. 
Road Design Plans  
 Roads not only provide access to and through the property, they often provide a first impression of the development. CE’s designs provide roads with safe, efficient access to homes and business while remaining pleasing to the eye

Land Planning 
In land planning, CE balances the efficient use of land with wider economic and environmental concerns. CE considers its responsibility to our neighbors by strictly following zoning rules and comprehensive community plans and respecting the environment.  
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 CE artfully integrates its landscape designs into the existing environmental features on a site.  Our goal in designing a landscape is to respect the existing landscape by softening such “hardscape” elements as roads and buildings with trees and plants that are congenial to the site’s existing ecology.